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Friday, March 18, 2011

When is enough, enough?


Shouldn't these people be deemed a threat to national security? I mean after all, essentially what they want is to overthrow the United States government and institute a socialist/marxist regime. This is nothing more than a socialist/marxist rallying cry...why hasn't the U.S. government done something to stop this and all of these Wis., Ohio, Michigan, et cetera socialist/marxist pigs? Oh yeah...nevermind...We already have a socialist/marxist regime in charge with Comrade Obama and his little thug enforcer Comrade Holder...

Monday, February 21, 2011

A fine Example of a Target Rich Environment...


There you go...Socialist/marxist pigs trying to bring down local government...people...wake up...these are not protest for anything but advocating the fall of the United States of America. This country is under assault...and it is your neighbors, your friends and your relatives doing  the assulting. Time to put an end to it...attend the protests, attend the rallies...cause trouble...provoke the pigs...and when they lash out...whatever happens to them is merely "Self Defense".

Monday, February 14, 2011

Is anyone really suprised anymore?


Every single democrat, every single liberal, every single socialist/marxist/progressive pig in this country needs to be arrested, charged, convicted and executed for crimes against the United States of America.

'nuff said...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not just no but...Hell no !!!


This is why my child is home schooled. The parents of this school district should ALL pull their children and home school them, right now. If that were to happen...the school would be de-funded and closed because there  will be no more students. Then, after the school is closed...seek to re-enroll their children in public school...ooops, no more school...they would then have to fund and re-open the closed school. Rinse and repeat until the school board understands. Make it a complete nightmare for the school district until they do what is right...

Why won't these pigs just admit it...they are socialist/marxist...NOT Democrats?


I am sooooo sick and tired of listening to this filth. These pigs just need to admit publicly what we already know. The whole of the Democrat party is nothing more than socialist/marxist garbage. Worthless human beings polluting an otherwise great country.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

More disgusting Obamacare news...


Gee...all of the socialist/marxist pigs that championed Obamacare are becoming exempt from Obamacare...things that make you go, hmmmmmm........

More of your federal tax dollars hard at work...disgusting!


Really? And you wonder why we can't secure our borders, stop illegal immigration and protect our citizens. United States Border Patrol agents hard at work....but, not enforcing the laws of the United States...

This is what you get from a completely incompetent (Janet Napolitano) Department of Homeland Security and senior cowards up and down the chain of command. This complete and total lack of testicular fortitude on behalf of the senior management of the United States Border Patrol and their desire ONLY to do what is right for their pathetic careers instead of what is right, leaves the American taxpayers once again footing the bill for something we have NO business being fiscally responsible for.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I can't wait to see the outcome of this...


Numerous States are enacting ledgislation that requires any presidential candidate to prove, by way of producing for review, his/her original birth certificate, to the states Attorney General. Failure to do so results in that candidate not being placed on the election ballot and therefore ineligible for votes in that state.

Wouldn't that be fantastic if the birhters are right? Comrade Barrack Hussien Obama isn't a natural born United States citizen and therefore ineligible to be President?

That would mean that EVERY SINGLE bill, law, executive order, et cetera that he signed as President would be nullified. No more Obamacare, finacial reform bill...et cetera, EVERY piece of socialist/marxist reform enacted in the last 2 years...GONE.

And these States are getting it in place for the 2012 elections...I can't wait...

BAM!!! this guy hits the nail on the head...


Honestly...let me take a second to say that, even though I am usually pretty harsh in my opinions, I really don't want to be but, a person can only bang their head agaisnt a brick wall before it starts to hurt. I wish I didn't feel the need to bash liberals because, I wish they didn't exist. I wish everyone in this country was a patriotic, honest, responsible, descent person but, they are not. Anyone politically left of center is simply Un-American in their core beliefs.

The article above explains it way beter than I ever could. John Hawkins spells it out for you, plain and simple. The truth is...anyone left of center simply has no useful place in our country. They are the cancer that is destroying our great country.

Every great civilization since the beginning of time has risen and fallen from grace, and in almost every instance...it has been from internal political strife...not military conquest. And, many that have succumed to military conquest did so because of internal political strife that allowed the military conquest.

Don't let the United States of America repeat history...fight the liberalism, socialism, marxism, democrat political model being shoved down our throats, it is the cancer that will kill us.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Republicans better get with the program...


The Tea Party is the new sound of the American voice and if the Republicans don't get with the program...they won't last another two election cycles...

Check the "No Fly List"


I bet this mother fucker is on it...he needs to relax, eat a ham sandwich, sprinkle some bacon bits on his salad...have a glass of koolaid, then go for a walk. Maybe, just maybe...we'll get lucky and he won't see the open man hole cover and we'll never hear from him again.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Stand up...Call out the liberal left...call the kettle black

Quoting my post from http://www.theblaze.com/ in reference to an article on Frances Fox Piven's call for violent revolution in the United States...

"“Social Justice”…hmmmm, the only real social justice is to give people the freedom to make their own choices and succeed on their own merit. Forced “Social Justice” is just Socialism…when are you people going to understand that you and all other left wing, progressive, liberal socialist/marxist pigs are not true Americans?
Look, YOU know…as do ALL other socialist/marxist pigs that, Glenn Beck, The Tea Party, the “Right”, Conservatives etc…are not preaching violence. YOU know…the calls for violence, civil unrest, and revolution are coming from the pigs on YOUR side…But, I will break with my fellow conservatives and condone the violence…YOU and your Socialist/Marxist pigs want violence, like Francis Fox Piven…I’ll play. Bring it…I dare you…you pigs don’t have the guts to stand up for what you believe in…you only point and call names. You ALL will be CRUSHED by real Americans who believe in this country, it what it stands for, that believe in the Constituion of the United States and freedom. “We the People” will only put up with your filth for so long…then you will learn what it is to be an American instead of un-American."


Absolutely Unacceptable...


Those that DON'T have accept Socialized/Government Controlled Healthcare...

Once again, Comrade Obama taking care of his friends...real Americans intimidated by and made to suffer at the hands of the socialist/marxist regime of Comrade Obama by way of fines and prosecution but,...if you are part of  "The Party"...the rules don't apply to you...

The U.N., what a complete and total waste...


The United States of America needs to completely and totally withdraw from the United Nations. It is a complelely socialist organization and tool for spreading unwanted socialism to non-socialist countries...

Another gene pool that needs to end...


Yet another group of Un-Americans spewing their filth around. I wonder if they will get some of their heros like Comrade Obama or Comrade Pelosi or Comrades Reid and Boxer to Speak on their behalf...

This is exactly what "We the People" need to stand up against and terminate at all costs...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

What a fucking hypocrite...


Soooo...this idiot says the government should stay of of private family matters...like abortion but, demands that we all purchase his socialized healthcare? Does this pig not know the definition of hypocrite? Maybe someone should bring it to his attention.

Here is an idea Comrade Obama...don't speak...ever...moron.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stupid Bitch...


She really needs to do the world a favor and step in front of a moving bus...

Fuck Democrats...Fuck Bipartisanship...


Democrats...the euphemism for socialist/marxist pigs, don't deserve to even attend the State of the Union Address, let alone sit with the Republican/Tea Party even though it will be nothing more than filth spewing from the hole of the chief pig. Republicans/Tea Party members should not only not sit with Democrats...they should completely boycott the propaganda speech. Comrade Obama will have nothing new or relevent to say and in fact, should just not even speak. I think we all know what the "State of the Union" is and until he and his little socialist/marxist piggies are out of office, nothing meaningful can really come out of the white house...

What part of NO doesn't this Mother Fucker understand?


Comrade Obama really needs to sit down, shut up, and just ride out his last days in office. In Novemeber, the American people said very very clearly that "We the People" do not want the socialist/marxist agenda he and his little piggies are trying to feed us. Most of them were voted out and he is next. He is an insignificant, unimportant, byproduct of a misguided experiment in politics by the American people and should only be seen and heard from when required to sign legislation  by the Republican/Tea Party repealing, reversing, dismantling, blocking or abolishing every single piece of legislation, directive, executive order, policy or regulation put into effect by the socialist/marxist pigs during his regime.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Don't go away mad...just go away.


The only place I hope this asshole lands is under a bridge eating from trash cans and not spewing his filth on television anymore.

That Principal Is a Moron...He Should Be Fired


As noted in the question of this weeks poll, "Politcal correctness" has gone way too far. I am sick and tired of everyone in this country "Pussy Footing" and "Tap Dancing" around issues, actions, or ideas in an effort to not be offensive.

This new blog, in case you haven't noticed is a place for the "Politically Incorrect". Here, you can feel free to say it like it is, say what is on your mind openly without being "Moderated". The only thing that will not be tolerated is that which clearly breaks the law.

So, sign up and engage...don't be scared, and if you are offended by the contents of this blog...oh well, get over it.